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Due to the ability of the technical equipment to change fast, “Metkaspostach” LTD is able to produce the metal shelving racks not only for the mass production but also those of your individual orders.

In the shortest terms employees of “Metkaspostach” LTD will design and calculate the metal shelving rack according to your requirements.

Choose any material for you metal shelving rack.

In the process of manufacturing of the racks for an individual order, we use the metal of any thickness that meets your requirements. If you wish, the metal can be smooth or bulged in the form of stripes and dots. Also, in addition to the standard bulging, to the back and front crossarm we can apply broad edges of rigidity that are used to increase the the maximum load on the shelf.
Neatly adjusted production lines can produce parts of the metal shelving racks in various sizes. Technologically, we are able to produce the crossarms and the uprights up to 1250 mm in length.

You can personally choose the material that will be used to produce the metal shelving racks their number, or you will be advised by the experts of our company.

Change the parts of already produced metal shelving racks

Aside from the manufacturing of the metal shelving racks that correspond to the custom requirements of the size and other criteria, our company is able to change the parts of the serial metal shelving racks that were already produced.  If you wish we can change the particleboard shelve of the 10mm thickness to the 16mm thick one; for the rack produced of the 0,9 mm metal we can produce linking plates; instead of the standard amount of the shelves counting 5, we can add 1 or 2 additional shelves to the set and so on.

The variety of the possible combinations is endless, for our company the most important task is to create the metal shelving rack that will not only correspond to your requirements but also fulfil the tasks that it is made for.

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