Now the task of business is not only to withstand, but also to help those who are in dire need of support

Now the task of business is not only to withstand, but also to help those who are in dire need of support

2020 has become a teacher for us. We reconsidered our attitude to our health, acutely felt how important the support of others at a critical moment is. It is doubly joyful when an example of support is set by the strongest - large companies that have managed not only to withstand the crisis, but also to take care of the future generation. We are glad to announce that METKASPOSTACH plant - the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of metal shelving racks - has become a sponsor of the Flying Squirrels basketball school.


Children from 6 years old are engaged in the Bila Tserkva basketball school "Flying Squirrels". There are already many prizes behind their young shoulders. They recently won two games in the Youth Basketball League of the Kiev region and advanced to the third round of the competition. 


It is not only the sports achievements of the schoolchildren that please. In our time of total dependence on gadgets and social networks, it is important to create an alternative environment for development for children and young people. The basketball community is the place where self-discipline, dedication and team spirit are nurtured.


Denis Gnatyuk, head coach of the basketball school "Flying Squirrels": "Sports in childhood form a person's health for life. Plus, in our school, children develop in a favourable environment of peers and like-minded people, learn to work effectively in a team, set goals and achieve them. These skills are simply irreplaceable. That is why it is so important to sponsor children's and youth teams, sports competitions and schools. I am glad that many Ukrainian entrepreneurs are aware of this ”.


It is difficult to imagine the development of sports without financial support from business. She is especially needed to participate in tournaments. Teams develop in sparring and tournament matches because they can identify mistakes and strengths, gain experience and apply the experience of other teams. The Flying Squirrels have such support, and we can confidently wait for their new achievements.


Vladimir Skakun, Director of METKASPOSTACH: “Health, sport, care for the future generation are our corporate values. Employees of METKASPOSTACH share them and are proud of such social projects that our plant supports. We will continue to revive sports traditions. Today, business is faced with the task of not only surviving, but also helping those who are in dire need of support. We hope other large companies will join us ”.


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