Traditionally metal racks are perceived as the equipment for industrial premises. However, nowadays they are widely used in many fields of human activities.

Racks for the living areas provide convenience and comfort. Increasing popularity of the racks can be observed in the modern interior design concepts. The variety of colours, materials from which they are made, as well as designs can be very different. Racks can be used in any room and space.

  • The children’s room – to accommodate toys where the child can easily get everything they need.
  • The cabinet interior with be wonderfully complemented with the racks for books.
  • In the living room, as a rule, set racks for household appliances. They also placed various nice little things.
  • In the kitchen racks help accommodate more items than the kitchen cupboard.
  • In the bedroom, you can use the racks to accommodate books, cosmetics, souvenirs, etc.
  • The Rack can work as a baffle, which is convenient for the small apartments.
  • Racks are indispensable in the garage and basement, they can hold all the tools and car accessories.

Racks are convenience. Necessary things are always at hand. With the help of the racks, without any significant costs, you can create a unique interior of the house, they will help to use the area of the apartments effectively.

You can buy ready-made racks or it can be made for individual sizes, taking into consideration the features of the apartment or the house.

Metal racks are the comfortable furniture, that is used in the offices, libraries, archives. The racks allow to keep in order all the papers, documents, folders, boxes, stationery, electronic storage devices, which saves the time to find a specific information. Any samples of product and other items can be positioned on the racks.

In the offices metal racks can be used:

  • to create a functional space;
  • as a partition, to create specific zones in the free layout of the office space;
  • as irreplaceable structures for the archives creation.

Metal racks are simple, firm, durable in use and can withstand the required load. The racks are manufactured of the environmentally friendly materials. Modern office racks are covered with powder-polymer coating, which protects them from scratches and corrosion, and provides an aesthetic appearance. Metal racks are easily assembled without special tools and skills. For the rational use of the space you can order racks of any size according to the office space. Shelves fit perfectly into any interior, giving it a certain comfort and style.

Are you feeling the lack of space at the warehouse? How to find free space? The best solution – metal racks.

Proper organization of the warehouse has a tremendous impact on the competitiveness of a company, and accordingly, the efficiency of the whole enterprise. To store and organize all types of cargo, as well as for the improvement of the workflow there are the clear favorite – metal racks. It is impossible to imagine a modern warehouse without a shelving complex. They allow you to increase productivity and accommodate a huge number of goods.

Storage racks will help solve a number of problems:

  • ensure maximum utilization of warehouse space (lower operating costs of storage);
  • make it possible to use the most efficient methods of distribution and installation of goods (easy sorting of cargo);
  • ensure maximum efficiency in handling the goods (quick and easy access to the cargo);
  • eliminate the negative influence of some goods on each other during storage;
  • increase the level of the organization of the staff’s working process.

Depending on requirements, racks can be made in various sizes and shapes. The construction and the metal of the manufactured racks, provide the ability to withstand high weight loads, without the risk of deformation. The service life of the racks is quite big. Metal racks METKAS® are reliable and durable.

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