Advantages of metal racks for the house and office

Advantages of metal racks for the house and office

Racks today are not associated with warehouses or production facilities. They have become a full-fledged interior item in offices and even apartments. After all, a variety of racks allows you to choose the colour, size, modification you need and make a model with individual sizes just for your needs. When choosing a rack for your home or office, you need to think about what you plan to store on it and what should be its carrying capacity. And then choose a model or colour, because not all racks are able to withstand even the load of the office.
The most popular models are shelving racks. They do not have walls and doors, create the effect of weightlessness, harmonise with modern interior designs, containing various items, and are superior in functionality to cabinets.
Racks can be made of the following materials: wood, chipboard, plastic, metal. But the most popular are combined models consisting of several types of materials, for example, metal racks with wooden shelves or metal with glass shelves. The most functional are racks with wooden or metal shelves, which can withstand a greater load than plastic or glass from 50 to 400 kg per shelf.
In an interior the rack can carry out function of a partition for zoning of the big room or optimisation of limited space, functional furniture or simply a decor.
The destination of the rack and the load on the shelves are of fundamental importance for choosing not only a good or affordable rack, but one that will last a long time and will meet your needs.
If you plan to store books or paper, canning or household items on the rack, it must be stable and withstand loads of 50 kg, like the racks of the Elegant series from METKASPOSTACH. Note that 20 medium-sized books are about 10 kg, and 6 liters of jam - more than 10 kg, so racks with glass or plastic shelves are not suitable for such purposes.

The perforated panel from METKASPOSTACH will also help you to optimise space in the apartment. With its help you can easily tidy up your tools.

The Ukrainian manufacturer of metal shelf racks METKASPOSTACH offers a wide choice of models which you can receive the day after the order. By buying a rack from the manufacturer, you also get an attractive price and the opportunity to design an individual model that will best suit your needs.

The main advantages of metal racks are:

• easy installation and dismantling, which can handle even a specialist, do not require special tools;
• durability in operation;
• optimal value for money;
• attractive appearance.
Finally, we can say that the rack in the office and apartment - an indispensable part of a functional interior. It can become a unique accent in the interior of an apartment or office due to the colour and texture, and given the low price and functionality, they get a quality advantage over other types of furniture.

Source: UNIAN

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