Practical advice: how to choose a rack

Practical advice: how to choose a rack

Recently, racks have confidently taken their place in the interior not only in warehouses or offices, but also in living quarters.

The rack consists of shelves mounted on vertical poles. It helps to organize storage of various items, from tools in the workshop or garden equipment in your country house, to household items like clothes, toys in a house or an apartment. Thanks to the light design without a back wall and doors, the shelves help to use the space ergonomically and utilize it productively while the minimalistic design allows you to create a modern style in your room, even in the smallest space available.

Modern designs are easy to fit into the interior of living quarters:

➢ kitchen shelving will replace wall cabinets;

➢ a rack instead of a classic wall cabinet style in the living room will allow you to redesign the familiar interior in a new way;

➢ a rack for a nursery, bedroom or a study will allow you to stylishly place a large number of items without overloading the room with an excessive amount of heavy furniture.

It is worth remembering several criteria when selecting a metal rack to choose the right one which will complement the interior design, help organize the space and serve for a long time.

  1. Purpose of the rack

If you choose equipment for storing things in a dressing room, bathroom, nursery, living room or kitchen, it should complement the interior and go with it.  Modern manufacturers offer already painted shelving, using universal white and black in particular.

When choosing equipment for a garage, basement or workshop, not only you can choose the color of the rack, the material of poles and shelves (metal, chipboard), but also add a perforated panel for storing tools. Such a detail will be of great assistance in designing a comfortable workspace for men.

  1. Type of a premise

The choice of material for the shelves directly depends on where the rack will be located, in dry or damp premises.

Metal and wood (chipboard) is recommended for shelves to be assembled in rooms that are insulated and dry. Painted metal structures are more suitable for rooms allowing some moisture like cellars, kitchens, bathrooms.

Correctly selected material guarantees a long service life.

  1. Load on the shelf

When there is a need to place a large number of bulky and heavy things, the maximum load permitted on the shelf should be calculated correctly.

"METKASPOSTACH" metal racks offer the following weight allowance per shelf:

  • Rek - with a load of 35-40 kg
  • Elegant - 50 kg
  • Budget - 150-175 kg
  • Standard - 175-220 kg
  • Etalon - 250 kg
  • MKP - 300-400 kg

Please note that the load on the shelf is calculated with an even weight distribution over the entire surface, not one spot.

METKASPOSTACH will design a custom-made structure, taking into consideration all your needs if our choice of available material/colors/design and weight allowance does not correspond your requirements.


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