Leading manufacturer of metal shelving

For more than 10 years we have been producing shelf racks for Ukraine and 12 countries of the world. Shelving is a guarantee of quality reliability, durability, and ease of assembly. Qualitative characteristics of products are confirmed by quality certificates and production standards developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.


METKASPOSTACH is a growing company, open to new cooperation. We strive to satisfy the needs of wholesale and private customers as soon as possible, therefore we increase production capacities every year and improve service for your comfort. In 2018, 247 000 shelving units were produced, and already in 2019 the number of shelving units increased to 312 000 units. In 2020, more than 370 000 racks were produced. At METKASPOSTACH warehouses, the daily balance of products is more than 3 000 units, which is a reliable guarantee of our words!
More than
370 000
shelving units produced in 2020

About the company

The METKASPOSTACH company produces products under the METKAS trademark, which was founded in 2008. and today it is one of the ten best manufacturers of metal shelf racks in Ukraine.

Entering the European market in 2015 allowed expanding the geography of METKASPOSTACH. Already today, our shelves are sold in 12 countries and every year this number is growing.

All products are manufactured on the basis of our own production complex, which allows us to improve the model of shelving and increase the range of enterprise. Engineering group METKASPOSTACH regularly develops new models of shelving, taking into account the needs of customers.

About the company About the company
About the company About the company


Help people organize their surroundings.

To develop Ukrainian production and popularize Ukrainian goods in Europe. We care about our compatriots and increase the number of jobs with decent pay and improved working place conditions.

To instill in people European thinking in the design of living and working spaces.

You can order shelving by the link:

Choose and purchase your favorite shelving model in the METKAS online store. The model range of racks is more than 50 items, 7 different types of racks for different weight categories, each category can be combined in different versions, including the possibility of production according to individual sizes and customer needs.

Online Shop
You can order shelving by the link:
You can order shelving by the link:
You can order shelving by the link:


We guarantee product quality and improve production to meet European quality requirements.
Galvanized and painted metal, which increases the strength, reliability, and durability of the rack.
Packing and shipping
Each unit of unassembled goods is packaged in a separate corrugated cardboard box, which ensures the integrity of the goods. And is covered with thermal film.
Convenient and compact
Shelving racks fold according to the principle of the designer.
We fulfill all orders as soon as possible due to the annual increase in production capacity.
Benefits Benefits

Sales in Europe

Racks of the METKAS brand are presented in Ukraine, in most European countries and Canada.
Own trading platform for wholesale and retail.
Represented in the largest retail chains in Ukraine: Epicenter, Leroy, Oldie, New Line
12 European countries for 12 years of the company’s development.
Representation overseas for wholesale and retail.
Sales in Europe Sales in Europe

Highest service

Own production complex and automatic lines allow METKASPOSTACH to produce high-quality products in large volumes for wholesale and individual orders.
Always in the stock
The daily balance of products at METKASPOSTACH warehouses is more than 3000 units of shelving in stock.
Each item is packed in a box for easy transportation.
Individual approach
We make racks according to individual sizes and draw up a project of optimal shelving for the buyer.
Own production
All racks are manufactured on the basis of our own production complex
Highest service Highest service

Certificate ISO 9001

We monitor the quality of our products and improve production, achieving international standards.
Quality management systems at METKASPOSTACH manufacturing facilities are developed in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. This is the best mechanism accepted by the world community that ensures product quality at all stages of the production cycle. Following the ISO 9001 standards improves the quality of production performance.

Certificate ISO 9001

Representative in Ukraine

st. Academic Tupolev, 19,
office 302, Kiev, 04128, Ukraine

tel: +38 (067) 321-02-71
+38 (067) 321-02-82


Central office

33, Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, Bila Tserkva district
Kyiv region, 09129, Ukraine


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