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Metal racks of the  Ukrainian manufacturer LTD “METKASPOSTACH” are available at the manufacturer’s website under the category “products” or in the retail building supermarkets “Epicenter”, “Leroy Merlin”,”OLDI”,”Nova Linia”.


The company “METKASPOSTACH” is Ukrainian leading manufacturer of light and medium load metal shelving racks and products from sheet metal under the trademark METKAS®.

Our products are ideal for:

  • Archives (document storage boxes);
  • warehouses (storage of non-food products in containers made of polypropylene or metal);
  • shopping centers;
  • workshops and garages.

Taking into consideration the wishes of the customers, “METKASPOSTACH” can make racks according to the personal orders: on the basis of the technical project of the customer we create the optimal design of the rack and create the most suitable high-quality construction.

The benefits of the rack products from METKAS®:

  • reliability due to high quality raw materials and optimal engineering solutions;
  • easy to assemble (constructor concept);
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • durability;
  • secure storage of all types of goods (including oversized).

Racks manufacture runs based on our own production complex. Automated production lines of the company allow continuous production of the high quality metal products that meet modern standards, in large volume. The company supplies products in the shortest terms possible – at the expense of the products stock at the warehouse and high-speed operation of individual orders. Are you looking for a professional and responsible partner? The company “METKASPOSTACH” is one of the best companies at the market that provides reliability, quality and advantageous prices.

If you have any remarks or suggestions, please, use our feedback service.

Metal shelving racks (popular goods)


    All of the metal shelving racks manufactured by LTD “Metkaspostach” are alike in their characteristics. Their metal parts are made of the zink platted steel, that protects the metal from the corrosion, has high abrasion resistance and point strikes, increases fire resistance, reliability and durability of the rack.


    Metal shelving racks are assembled with the use of the “constructor” concept. Each entity is disassembled and packed in special corrugated board box, which ensures the integrity and quality of the product. This method of packaging is convenient for the buyer when loading goods into a vehicle, transportation or storage racks unassembled.


    Our main goal is to provide you with you order in the shortest terms possible and in the needed amounts. We are able to meet your needs with the high performance of our equipment and strict planning of the manufacturing process. Daily residue of the metal shelving racks in the warehouses of LTD “Metkaspostach” is more than 3 thousand units in stock.

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